Maintenance Time February 6, 13:30 to 16:30 (UTC+9)
Previous Update 2023-02-01

Following the maintenance, all players will receive 8,000 Bronze Coins, 300 Honor, and 15 Unit Medals.Maintenance will not be scheduled for February 8th and February 15th.

The Territory Wars on February 10th and February 13th will be replaced by Military Exercises.

Warlords can now delve into even more challenging tactical battles with the introduction of the new difficulty level: [Standard 2]. The score limit achieved in [Secret of Sands] will be elevated under [Standard 2].

  1. Optimize the display of the Unit model after death, and fixed some display issues;
  2. Fixed the issue in the Desert Fortress level of the Expeditions where enemy cavalry could enter inaccessible areas.

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